09h00 – 10h00

Moderator: Freddy Avni

  • Based radiogenomics of neuroblastoma in predicting MYCN amplification
    Helena Torrão, Sílvia Costa Dias, Ricardo Silva Martins, Diogo Costa Carvalho, Francisco Silva, Tânia Pereira, Hélder P. Oliveira
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  • Brain MRI findings in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: a combination of neuroanatomical markers to support diagnosis
    Alexandra Ntorkou, Justine Fraize, Eliot Kerdreux, Pauline Garzòn, Odile Boespflug-Tanguy, Lucie Hertz-Pannier, Anita Beggiato, Richard Delorme, Monique Elmaleh-Bergès, Marianne Alison, David Germanaud
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  • Whole body magnetic resonance imaging in healthy children and adolescents. Bone marrow appearances of the appendicular and axial skeleton
    Von Brandis E, Zadig P, Avenarius D, Flatø B, Nordal E, Knudsen PK, Lilleby V, Nguyen B, Rosendal K, Tanturri de Horatio L, Ording-Müller LS
  • The experience of a paediatric radiology department during a cyber attack on the national healthcare system
    Eoghan Laffan, Angela T Byrne, Clare Brenner, Heba Elbaaly, Eimear Joyce, David Rea, Aisling Snow
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  • Early report on feasibility and efficacy of percutaneous CT-guided cryoablation in pediatric patients
    Giulia Cassanelli, Cristina Martucci, Guglielmo Paolantonio, Alessandro Crocoli, Giuseppe Maria Milano, Alessandro Inserra, Gian Luigi Natali
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  • MRI-based distribution and reversibility of lesions in pediatric vigabatrin-related neurotoxicity.
    Luis Octavio Tierradentro-García, Joseph Stern, Alireza Zandifar, Jorge Du Ub Kim, Jean Henri Nel, Savvas Androniko
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10h30 – 11h30

Moderator: Aurelio Secinaro

  • Real-time MRI for thoracic and lung evaluation in children: highway to future MRI or dead end road?
    Franz Wolfgang Hirsch, Dirk Voit, Ina Sorge, Jens Frahm, Freerk Prenzel, Daniel Gräfe
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  • Tracheobronchomalacia: studying the windpipe using MRI, a prospective study
    Spyridon Prountzos, Olympia Sardeli, Sofoklis Antonakis, Dafni Moriki, Anastasia Karachaliou, Angeliki Galani, Argyro Mazioti, Konstantinos Douros, Efthymia Alexopoulou
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  • Native T1 mapping in adolescent patients with repaired tetralogy of fallot
    Nadja Kocher, Sebastian Berg, Markus Uhl, Christian Kellenberger, Hannah Fürniss
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  • Personalised medicine in paediatric coronary CT angiography: matching CT protocols to clinical questions
    Varja Cuculovic, Emily Ashworth, Thomas Semple
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  • Pectus excavatum in motion: dynamic evaluation using real-time MRI
    Daniel Gräfe, Martin Lacher, Franz Wolfgang Hirsch, Jens Frahm, Peter Zimmermann
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  • Ferumoxytol-enhanced MRA: technique and application for diffuse and syndromic vascular anomalies
    Sahana Rajesh, Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Anna Lillis
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11h30 – 12h30

Moderator: Kathia Chaumoitre

  • Corpus callosum thickness in patients with neurofibromatosis type 1 compared to controls: behavioral and developmental associations
    Monica Miranda Schaeubinger, Luis Tierradentro, Joseph Stern, Parth Sharma, Alexandra Ramirez, Savvas Andronikou
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  • CT angiography of vertebral artery dissection in children
    Stephen Little, Asha Sarma, Kartik Reddy, Manish Bajaj, Sumit Pruthi, Bryan Philbrook, Andrew Reisner, Lori Jordan
    See presentation
  • Evaluation of dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion imaging with 1.5t MRI for brain imaging in children
    Louis-Marie Leiber, Patrick Desbordes, Didier Loisel, Christophe Aube
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  • Triage for overnight pediatric neuroimaging MR requests
    Summer Kaplan, Susan Sotardi, Michael Francavilla, Rebecca Dennis, J. Christopher Davis, Erin Schwartz
    See presentation
  • Distribution of intra-thalamic injury according to nuclei and vascular territories in children with term hypoxic-ischemic injury»
    Luis Octavio Tierradentro-García, Jean Henri Nel, Mohamed Elsingergy, Alireza Zandifar,Savvas Andronikou
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12h30 – 13h30

13h30 – 14h30

Moderator: Philippe Petit

  • Ultrasound liver and spleen stiffness are good biomarkers of complications in the 6 months following paediatric liver transplantation
    David Missud, Inès Mannes, Hélène Agostini, Danièle Pariente, Catherine Adamsbaum, Solène Le Cam, Stéphanie Franchi-Abella
    See presentation
  • Doppler-ultrasound of vascular complications after pediatric liver transplantation: incidence, time of detection and positive predictive value
    Martijn Verhagen, Ruben de Kleine, Hubert van der Doef, Thomas Kwee, Robbert de Haas
    See presentation
  • Ultrasound shear wave elastography, dispersion and attenuation of pediatric liver disease with histological correlation
    Ivan Cetinic, Charlotte De Lange, Yvonne Simrén, Nils Ekvall, Maja Östling, Liselotte Steen, Håkan Boström, Kerstin Lagerstrand, Hanna Hebelka
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  • Contrast-enhanced ultrasound in detection and follow-up of focal renal infections in children
    Damjana Kljucevsek, Evita Psenicny, Mojca Glusic, Marko Pokorn
    See presentation
  • The relationship of elasticity values with renal function tests in pediatric renal transplant
    Duygu Cengiz, Evrim Ozmen, Evren Uzer, Ozlem Unlugedik, Ilmay Bilge
    See presentation
  • Neonatal renal vein thrombosis: prognostic imaging markers at diagnosis and outcome according to the treatment
    Karim Bergaoui, Bellaure Ndoudi Likoho, Anca Tanase, Alexandra Ntorkou, Theresa Kwon, Julien Hogan, Marianne Alison
    See presentation
  • Air enema reduction of intussusception: is duration of symptoms a prognostic indicator? 11-years experience in our institution
    Giuseppe Schillizzi, Aisling Fagan, Tom Watson
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14h30 – 15h30

Moderator: Michel Panuel

  • Role of MRI in differentiating osteomyelitis from osteonecrosis in children with sickle cell disease: a cross-sectional study from a tertiary care hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Latifah Alfahad, Ahmad Alboukai, Kamal Attia
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  • A novel MRI scoring system for active and chronic changes in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis of the hip
    Laura Tanturri de Horatio, Susan Cheng Shelmerdine, Paola d’Angelo, Pier Luigi Di Paolo, Silvia Magni-Manzoni, Clara Malattia, Maria Beatrice Damasio, Paolo Tomà, Derk Avenarius, Karen Rosendahl
    See presentation
  • Slip angle on preoperative MRI changes severity classification of pediatric patients with slipped capital femoral epiphysis
    Till Lerch, Tilman Kaim, Simon Steppacher, Florian Schmaranzer, Markus Hanke, Jasmin D. Busch, Kai Ziebarth
    See presentation
  • The role of magnetic resonance imaging in postreduction assessment of developmental dysplasia of the hip: our experience
    Mariantonietta Francavilla, Daniela Dibello, Antonio Colella, Giandomenico Stellacci
    See presentation
  • Diffusion-weighted imaging in differentiating mid-course responders to chemotherapy for long-bone osteosarcoma compared to the histologic response
    Céline Habre, Alexia Dabadie, Anderson D Loundou, Jean-Bruno Banos, Catherine Desvignes, Harmony Pico, Audrey Aschero, Nathalie Colavolpe, Charlotte Seiler, Corinne Bouvier, Emilie Peltier, Jean-Claude Gentet, Christiane Baunin, Pascal Auquier, Philippe Petit
    See presentation
  • Prevalence of femoral retroversion of pediatric patients with slipped capital femoral epiphysis using preoperative MRI with rapid T1 vibe dixon
    Till Lerch, Tilman Kaim, Simon Steppacher, Florian Schmaranzer, Jasmin D. Busch, Kai Ziebarth
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16h00 – 17h00

Moderator: Catherine Adamsbaum

  • Fetal brain maceration score on post-mortem MRI vs. conventional autopsy
    Nico Hustings, Yannick Thonissen, Marcella Baldewijns, Luc De Catte, Dietmar Thal, Michael Aertsen
    See presentation
  • Relevance of routine abdominopelvic ultrasound in suspected child abuse in children under 2 years of age: review of 15 years of experience
    Antoine Martin-Champetier, Alexia Dabadie, Kathia Chaumoitre, Philippe Petit
    See presentation
  • Yield of neuroimaging in identification of clinically occult intracranial injuries in infants evaluated by subspecialty child protection teams: a multicenter study
    M Katherine Henry, Rachel Berger, Chris Feudtner, Daniel Lindberg, Kristine Campbell, Joanne Wood
    See presentation
  • The prevalence of clinically silent cerebral haemorrhage in children with increasing head circumference. Preliminary results
    Maria Olsen Fossmark
    See presentation
  • Lateral radiographs: do they improve fracture detection in physical abuse?
    Riwa Meshaka, David Garbera, Owen Arthurs, Susan Shelmerdine
    See presentation
  • Prevalence of metaphyseal fractures in children with osteogenesis imperfecta in the first two years of life
    Ella Riley, Sara Mohammed, Paul Arundel, Nicholas Bishop, Amaka Offiah
    See presentation
  • Is bridging vein rupture/thrombosis associated with subdural hematoma at birth?
    Marion Bartoli
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17h00 – 17h30

Moderator: Maria Raissaki

17h30 – 19h00

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